Accomplished actors and non-actors alike are all interested in getting into voiceovers but need to learn a very specific skill set in order to get started. Our 4-week course teaches students how the voiceover business works and breaks down the techniques needed to succeed in this alluring genre.

Gain a working knowledge of the business: Unions, rates, demos, agents, managers, casting directors, auditions, bookings, time management and actor etiquette. 
Find your voice: Vocal placement, building characters, taking direction, improving skills and gaining the confidence to book. 
Build your craft: Interpreting copy, incorporating specific techniques, auditioning from home, microphone usage and recording knowledge.

COST: $400 total for 4-weeks 
TIME: 7-10pm PST in Los Angeles; 6:30pm- 8:30pm EST in New York;  
*All classes conclude with a guest speaker 
*Open to General & Hispanic markets


Take your skills to the next level once you’ve learned the basics and turn your auditions into bookings. This 4-week class breaks down tangible script techniques that will strengthen your ability to interpret copy and start working.  

Develop proper technique: Learn what differentiates a good read from a great one and how to book the jobs that you’re auditioning for.
Script format: All scripts are written in a similar format. Learn to recognize and attack the rules of repetition, comparisons, characters, tags, promos and advertising jargon when they pop up.
Character development: Explore new categories of animation, narration, promo, trailer and video games, in addition to new commercial techniques. 

COST: $400 total for 4-weeks
TIME: 7-10pm PST in Los Angeles; 6:30pm- 8:30pm EST in New York;
*All classes conclude with a guest speaker 
*Open to General & Hispanic markets


Expand your Commercial knowledge into Voiceover’s other genres: Narration, Animation and Promos. Learn the specific techniques needed to build characters, tune your vocal tone and diversify your performance range into new categories. 

COST: $400 total for 4-weeks   
TIME: 7-10pm PST in Los Angeles; 6:30pm- 8:30pm EST in New York;
*All classes conclude with a guest speaker
*Open to General & Hispanic markets


Are you a working voiceover actor who’s looking to brush up your skills and book more often? Maybe you’d like to break out of your commercial comfort zone and practice a new category: Animation, Narration, Industrials, Promos, Trailers or Video Games. Join us for a 1-night tune up class to shake off old habits and hear the industry feedback that no one else will tell you. Choose from current scripts or bring your own, and spend a night exercising your voiceover muscles.

$50 (New VO Duo students)
$45 (10% discount for returning students)
$40 (20% discount if you bring a friend: $40 for you/$50 for friend)
$40 (20% discount for groups of 4 or more)

TIME: 7-10pm PST in Los Angeles; 6:30pm- 8:30pm EST in New York
*20 minute time slots per person
*Registration required
*Open to General & Hispanic markets


Do you love auditioning from home but wish that you could have outside ear there to guide you and give you some direction? That’s the feedback we hear most often and have decided to come to the rescue! So the next time you feel like you’re auditioning into a vacuum, just email us your request and we’ll call you back with direction and feedback within AN HOUR. Audition with us on the phone. Technology is rapidly changing the personal interaction of the auditioning process. So let us bring it back! It’s the best of both worlds… And the future of auditioning.

COST: $10 per session

Class Options


***All classes adhere to a standard 7-day cancellation policy. Any student who confirms registration and cancels within the 7-day window before the first class will be subject to payment in full.

***A $100 non-refundable deposit is due at registration. This does not include PayPal’s $15 business processing fee, which will be due upon the first day of class. Please select ‘personal transaction’ to save the processing fee. 

***10% Off Early Bird Special applies to students who register 3 weeks before the first class! 

Student Testimonials

This class reinforces the essential tools for a voiceover artist (how to effectively read copy, project mood, and develop a natural tone.) and helped cater them to our respective personalities/styles. It develops PROFESSIONAL voiceover best practices from a performance and business standpoint. However, the one thing that I can’t stress enough (that may go unnoticed) is that this class develops your public speaking skills by making you command your natural tone/voice. What you learn here extends FAR beyond the booth!

Brett S.

I learned that I have more to learn and I enjoyed every minute of it!

Tom L.

E & D’s VO Duo classes are fun and super educational. It’s great to have so much real world knowledge in the room. 

Mark G

Eileen and Diana really tell you like it is, and at the same time make you feel safe enough to fail and figure out commercial copy. I learned so much from them and I highly recommend the class!

Diana and Eileen are FANTASTIC teachers. They know the industry, know what they are looking for and help guide you there. It was small, intimate. Lots of hands on critique. I love the critiques.

I was able to dicover a few fears lurking, even after decades in the business, and work with them in a playful way. Diana and Eileen are a rock solid, dynamic duo with an impressive range of experience! GET IN HERE!


I liked that we got very good, honest feedback from two professionals in the field. I also like that it was in a professional studio with an audio engineer and that they encouraged us to do homework outside of class.


Working with Diana and Eileen was excellent. They have a gigantic wealth of knowledge on VO and that enabled them to really articulate what an actor needs to become bookable!


The 101 class was me much more comfortable with getting started in the VO world. I’m looking forward to 102!


The 101 voiceover intensive is an excellent introduction to the business. It’s an open, honest, and safe place to learn and receive knowledgeable instruction and critical feedback in crafting your art.


I feel like I am really improving each week while building valuable relationships in the VO community. I liked being able to talk about my process and feeling like their notes were really tailored to me. Also, I LOVED having homework each week. It kept VO on my mind and as a priority.


Eileen and Diana are great teachers! It’s nice to have both of their unique input. They create a very positive and encouraging, yet informative, environment. Wonderful experience!


Small size classes! Really a treat to get to work in such a small group. Learned from others as well as from working myself which I think is harder when the class is bigger.


Simply put, I came to learn about myself and how to read copy. I did both.


I just wanted to thank you both for your wonderful intermediate voiceover class! I learned a lot. Also, remember that radio commercial I just got put on hold for? Well, I booked it! Thanks again for all of your help!


Since taking VO Duo’s Intermediate class, I have been called in twice to audition at Lotas Productions! If you’re just starting out or need to brush up on your technique, Eileen and Diana will cater class to your needs and commit to your individual growth. Many thanks to these amazing gals for their direction and support!! 


Thank you both so much! Since taking the December class, I”ve booked two cable tv spots with a technique I discovered in your class learning – how to tweak my read!!! You guys rock!